Role of the Mayor

  • the origin of the office of the Mayor dates back to when Mayors had much wider authority and power than they do today
  • the role of the Mayor in Bexley is that of a Civic Mayor
  • in some councils, elected Mayors are in charge, taking on the role of Leader of the Council
  • the importance of the position is widely recognised and is the highest office that Bexley residents, via their elected representatives, can confer on a Member of the Council
  • the Mayor represents every section of the community regardless of political persuasion
  • the Mayor is the Borough's First Citizen and represents Bexley at over 500 events, both inside and outside the borough, during the year, as well as chairing Council Meetings and the Civic Recognition Panel
  • within the borough, the Mayor takes precedence over everyone apart from a member of the Royal Family or the Lord Lieutenant of London