Only one green waste wheeled bin is emptied per household every two weeks.

Only waste placed in your green waste wheeled bin with the lid closed will be collected.

Correct and incorrect way of placing your waste in green wheeled bin
  • hazardous and electrical waste should not be disposed of in your green waste wheeled bin
  • heavy bins may not be collected as they pose a health and safety risk to collection crews
  • unauthorised second bins will be removed
  • you may use your own bin for non-recyclable waste

If you do not have a green waste wheeled bin and would like one, or if you would like to change the size of your green bin please contact us.

There are three sized bins available:      

  • 140l - smaller family sized
  • 180l - standard family size
  • 240l - large family sized (over 6 people)

If you have trouble fitting all of your non-recyclable waste into your green waste wheeled bin, we have a team of advisers who will be able to help you recycle more and reduce waste. You may also be eligible for a larger bin. Contact us if you need some assistance.

Excess and bulky waste can be taken to either of the reuse and recycling centres for disposal.

There are many simple ways to reduce the amount you throw away. For ways on how to reduce food, clothing and furniture waste visit events for our free workshops.

A red tag may be placed on the green and garden recycling bin if:

  • waste was not suitably presented or there was a problem when collecting
  • it cannot be fully emptied or if more than one bin is placed out for collection
  • wheeled bin or box is damaged or too heavy to be safely emptied
  • bin contains incorrect materials
  • bin lid unable to close due to being overfull

Wheelie bins remain the property of the Council and are intended for the storage of waste only. The Council cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from misuse of bins.

Bins which are misused may be removed without prior notice.

Block of flats

Bins are collected weekly and often twice weekly.

  • household waste must be contained in the shared waste bins
  • report missed collections online
  • once reported our contractor will return to collect your waste within 48 hours

Flats above shops

Flats above shops receive a weekly collection of non- recyclable waste.

  • collections are usually undertaken from the alleyway to the rear of the property or from next to your front entrance
  • to find out about your collection point or collection day, please use the online tool
  • this is a black bag collection service so there are no requirements to have a green waste wheeled bin
  • non-recyclable waste needs to be available for collection from 6.00am on your collection day
  • waste in black bags should only be put out for collection on your collection day or the evening before

It is an offence to leave waste on the public highway for collection except immediately prior to collection. Waste left on the public highway in any other circumstance or next to litter bins will be treated as fly-tipping and action will be taken against the culprits.