Approval for BexleyCo's updated business plan

A Cabinet Committee has approved the updated Business Plan of BexleyCo Limited – Bexley’s wholly-owned development company.

The Business Plan sets out the role that BexleyCo will play in supporting the delivery of the Council’s Growth Strategy, with a focus on delivering new homes for local people, in sustainable localities, which respect the Borough’s overall character and identity.

BexleyCo is also expected to deliver significant financial returns to the Council over the medium to long-term.

Cabinet Members agreed that the Company may enter into land transactions with the Council to progress Phase 1 and 2 of the programme outlined in the Business Plan, subject to the completion of the necessary legal processes. The plans include improved accommodation for some of the borough’s more vulnerable residents who require specialist accommodation, a new GP surgery and affordable homes.

They also agreed that the Company will not take forward intended schemes for the following sites, and that these sites be reviewed by the Council’s Regeneration and Growth Team, with a view to bring forward plans for low density, high quality development -

  • Wilde Road West
  • Wilde Road East
  • Nags Head Lane Car Park

The future of the former Slade Green Community Centre and Pop-in Parlour in Slade Green will now be considered as part of a broader review of the Council’s assets.

The plan covers the period 2019–2025 and has been updated to reflect recent changes, including the appointment last summer of Huw Lewis, BexleyCo’s Managing Director.

BexleyCo’s Chairman is Richard Blakeway, a former Deputy Mayor of London.