Changes to recycling collections due to the Coronavirus pandemic

We are working hard to restore some of the services that were reduced over recent weeks, when we were short of staff as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Staff numbers are now closer to normal, we have redeployed staff who normally work at the recycling centres to increase the numbers available for door-to-door collections. Services may have to be reduced again if staff absence increases due to the virus. Thank you for your patience. 

We continue to do everything we can to deliver as close to a normal service as possible. In the current exceptional circumstances, collections are taking longer than usual due to social distancing, so it will not always be possible to make them on your scheduled day. If your bins are not collected on schedule, please leave them out and we will collect them as soon as possible.

Green lid refuse bin collections

Please continue to leave this bin out on your normal collection day every two weeks.

Recycling collections

Blue (paper and cardboard) and white (plastic packaging, glass, cans and cartons) – One bin will be collected every two weeks – blue lid bin one week, white lid bin the next.

  • if your green lid refuse bin is due to be collected this week please put your blue lid bin out
  • if you are unsure which of your recycling bins is due to be collected next, please leave them both out

Food waste collection service – weekly collection

  • please put your food waste in your brown food box, ensure the handle is pulled down and secure, and leave it out for collection

Garden waste service – Restarts from 4 May

Bexley’s fortnightly garden waste service will restart from Monday 4 May.

Those members whose white lidded recycling bin is due for collection during the week beginning 4 May or the following week should also leave out their garden waste bin on their normal collection day.

Collections are taking longer than usual due to the need to ensure social distancing. If your bins are not collected on schedule, please leave them out and we will collect them as soon as possible.

The Council has put members’ direct debits back by 2 months and extended their memberships by 2 months.

Collections from flats where residents have white lid and blue lid recycling bins – fortnightly collection

  • collections on the same day as your surrounding roads

Residents with recycling boxes – no change to your weekly collection