Bexley System-wide Prevention Strategy

We’d like to know what you think about our plans to help people be healthier and happier in Bexley. These are set out in the Borough's draft System-wide Prevention Strategy. 

The decision to produce the Strategy was taken by the Council and the NHS Bexley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) in 2018, with the support of Bexley’s Health and Wellbeing Board.

It includes the Council, CCG and wider NHS, community, voluntary sector groups and residents as equal stakeholders. For it to succeed each must fully play their part.

The current draft is the result of numerous consultations, coupled with data and policy research.

To have your say on the draft strategy, please complete our online survey.

This strategy is critical in addressing the four main system challenges facing Bexley -

1: The challenge of improving the health and wellbeing outcomes of Bexley residents
2: The challenge of organisational and financial sustainability
3: The challenge of changing the shape of demand, including reducing demand 
4: The challenge of service improvement and transformation

In order to respond to these challenges, the Prevention Strategy has to -

•  Create strategic alignment of existing strategies
•  Identify a set of new high impact actions
•  Change the culture in Bexley to one which embraces prevention
•  Generate critical mass to drive change

The draft Strategy is structured on six themes grouped under the three domains of People, Policies and Places -

People domain -

Theme 1: Giving children and young people the best start in life & throughout their lives (including preconception and in transition to adulthood)
Theme 2: Improving outcomes for adults and older people

Policies and Practices domain -

Theme 3: Embedding prevention in all policies and practice, and in Bexley’s population health system

Places domain -

Theme 4: Creating healthy communities, workplaces and homes
Theme 5: Creating healthy environments, built, green and blue spaces
Theme 6: Creating economic independence and a thriving local economy

Easy read Strategy (PDF, 1,548KB)

Easy read survey (PDF, 1,280KB)

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