Consultation on licensing policy

The Licensing Act 2003 regulates the provision of sale of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment and provision of late night refreshment in England and Wales. The Act makes local authorities responsible for licensing premises that are used for these activities within their area. It also requires each local authority to adopt and publish a ‘Statement of Licensing Policy’ at least every five years. The purpose of the Policy is to set out the principles the local authority will apply when carrying out its role under the Act.

The Council is consulting on an amendment to the current policy (PDF, 930KB) which is in force to 6 January 2021. (A fuller review will take place in 2020). The amendment is to add a new section at 7(b) relating to outdoor events.

The revised wording is as follows -


7.5    The general terminal hour for all licensable activities shall be 23:00 at outdoor events; 

7.6    Organisers/applicants shall demonstrate that they have the required permissions in place to use the land (whether private land or on Council owned land); 

7.7    Organisers/applicants shall demonstrate that they have arrangements in place to ensure the site is properly checked and certified (for example, if water supplies or electrics need to be safety checked); and

7.8    Organisers / applicants using Council owned land will demonstrate that they have notified and where necessary sought authorisation / advice from the relevant Council departments (for example, the Parks and Open Spaces, Highways etc. ).   

Comments on the proposed amendment to Policy, must be received no later than 26 May 2019, and should be sent to the Licensing Partnership, PO Box 182, Sevenoaks Kent, TN13 1GP or by email to

All feedback received will be taken into consideration by the Licensing Committee when they meet (around June 2019) and decide what recommendations they will make to the Council. The Council will meet to finally determine the Policy in due course.

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