Early Effective Support for families in Bexley

The Children’s Services Directorate at the London Borough of Bexley is in the early stages of developing a strategy to shape early effective support for children and families in the borough. As part of that process, we are very keen to understand more about services that are already available, others that could be provided and whether there are instances of under or over capacity.

To understand more about this, we have developed a short survey that should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. We would be very grateful if you would:

  1. Complete the survey as soon as possible.
  2. Think about anyone else who is involved with supporting children and families in Bexley, or who perhaps provides highly regarded services elsewhere and forward this survey to them. We are keen to receive a wide ranging response to inform development of the strategy.

The deadline for responses is Tuesday 3 July.

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