Have your say on the content of Bexley’s new Local Plan

The Council is inviting local people, businesses, landowners and developers to give their views on the proposed content of the borough’s new Local Plan.


This is a key planning document we aim to update every five years.  National Government produces the overarching framework, the Mayor of London produces a London Plan and our own document is third in that hierarchy.


The draft on which we are now consulting sets out preferred approaches to key borough wide planning policies, proposals for managing future development, and the arrangement and designation of land uses across the borough.  After we have consulted, we will look carefully at all the views received and then publish a further version later in the year.


Any comments must reach the Council by Sunday 7 April 2019.


The aim of the draft plan is to deliver the vision set out in Bexley’s Growth Strategy.  

It proposes -

Cover of the draft Local Plan
  • a more flexible approach to providing affordable housing
  • greater flexibility on the use of land and property in town centres, but with controls on undesirable activities such as hot food takeaways
  • requirements for good design and the protection of heritage, amenity and local character
  • control of garden development
  • a new tall buildings policy
  • greater protection of trees
  • support for a high-quality transport system, including public transport improvements, promoting walking, cycling and other sustainable travel initiatives
  • promoting local heat networks and decentralised power
  • support for improved recycling facilities in new developments
  • protecting and improving open spaces, waterways and biodiversity
  • promoting healthy and sustainable design in developments, including a new policy for living roofs


The consultation document also includes site assessments for more than 100 sites in the borough.  Planners have assessed each site for their suitability for a range of uses including housing, employment, retail and the associated infrastructure.  Demonstrating that the borough has the space it needs is a key statutory requirement.


The consultation document is available online (PDF 14MB) and in paper format at the Council’s Contact Centre at the Civic Offices, Bexleyheath and at all Bexley libraries.


How to have your say


You can give you feedback in three ways -

  1. By email to sp&gteam@bexley.gov.uk with the words ‘Local Plan Reg 18 consultation’ in the subject line.
  2. In writing to: Local Plan Reg 18 Consultation, Strategic Planning and Growth, London Borough of Bexley, Civic Offices, 2 Watling Street, Bexleyheath DA6 7AT
  3. By completing our short online Local Plan questionnaire - with the chance of winning a £100 gift voucher.

Points to consider in making your comments


We will accept any comments on the paper, but it would be helpful if you could particularly address the following –

  • Are there any planning matters that have not been included, for which local policies are needed?
  • Is there too much, or two little, detail in the approaches? Please remember, this is an early consultation paper and the final draft policies may look different
  • Do you broadly agree (or disagree) with the preferred approaches that the Plan takes to -
    • strategic policies
    • development management policies
    • spatial policies (land use designations)
    • site assessment recommendations
Start Date
End Date