Council Tax exemption for young adults leaving care

Bexley’s Cabinet decided to exempt young adults leaving Bexley’s care from Council Tax at its meeting last night (9 October). 

The Council will use its discretionary powers that exempt those in special circumstances.

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Philip Read said: “I welcome this decision because it will make an enormous difference to young adults leaving our care. As our recent Corporate Parenting Week illustrated, we take our role as Corporate Parents very seriously here in Bexley – and like any parent we know that providing much-needed support does not just stop at a certain age.

“Whilst recognising, like all parents, that we can’t provide support indefinitely we can give some support in the form of Council Tax exemption as our care leavers take the first steps into adulthood. I very much hope this will ease the stress that our young people, like all others, feel as they begin living independently.“

Bexley’s Young Director, Shannon Lidbury said: “I have been lucky enough to have been involved in the work that has led to this decision.  The Positive Journeys senior group worked with us when we looked at the proposals and helped us decide what would help our care leavers the most. I’m really pleased that the Cabinet have taken this decision because it will make a real difference.”

The decision includes a range of initiatives that will support young people as they leave care. These include help with tenancy issues, managing debt, help with claim application and practical support around moving into a new home.

It brings Bexley into line with a growing number of other Councils.

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