Council wins funding to improve access to healthy food

Bexley will work with its partners to improve people’s access to healthy food through local shops, with funding it has recently won from the Mayor of London and the Sidcup Business Improvement District.


Only 60% of the local people who are eligible are receiving help from the national Healthy Start scheme, which means that £150,000 is not being claimed. Healthy Start provides means-tested financial support to families with children under 4 years old to buy fresh & frozen fruit, vegetables, milk and vitamins.


The Council will work to increase the number of children and families in Bexley consuming the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables. One way of doing this will be to improve the take-up of Healthy Start vouchers. The other will be to improve the way healthy and sustainable food are offered, in line with the ‘Good Food for London’ framework.


Check if you are eligible for Healthy Start vouchers

Bexley is one of only five boroughs to win £5,000 from the Mayor of London to help improve people’s access to healthy food. The Sidcup BID has contributed £2,000.


A team made up of staff from the Council, local NHS colleagues and the BID will work with retailers who currently support the Healthy Start scheme and encourage more to do so.


Their work will be part of the Obesity Prevention Strategy on which the Council is about to consult local people.