Councils work together to deep clean Wilton Road

A joint cleaning operation by London Borough of Bexley and Royal Borough of Greenwich took place on Wilton Road last night, 26 September, to improve the appearance of the area for the local community.

The two councils worked together, pooling resources to undertake a deep clean of the area. In a symbolic gesture the street services team from Bexley cleaned the Greenwich side of Wilton Road and the Greenwich team worked on the Bexley side. Officers from both teams were also on hand to advise local businesses on how best to maintain standards of cleanliness. 

The clean-up follows a previous Wilton Road Improvement Programme which involved both councils joining forces to support 13 independent businesses to make shop front improvements and modernise their marketing methods. 

Cllr David Leaf, Bexley’s Cabinet Member for Resources said: 
“Crossrail may have been delayed, but our work to ensure that the local community is best placed to take advantage of the opportunities that it will bring continues. We have almost completed the public realm improvements at Abbey Wood Station and we will do everything we can to support residents and businesses during this period of transition’.  

‘I am pleased that we are working together with Greenwich Council to support the local community in Abbey Wood Village to make the area clean and attractive. If we all work together we can really benefit Bexley’s neighbourhoods. We want to support and encourage more volunteers to #doitforbexley. Tell us how we can do this by emailing ”. 

Cllr Denise Scott-McDonald, Greenwich’s Cabinet Member for Air Quality, Public Realm & Transport said: 
“Wilton Road has a strong and diverse retail offer and this will be more obvious to all following the street cleaning. It is vital that our local small businesses look welcoming and appealing to residents and commuters. We are working with our neighbours at Bexley to achieve the shared goal of having a clean, litter free environment”.

The area around Wilton Road High Street is known locally as ‘Abbey Wood Village’. Future plans for the village include using this name more widely on signage, as well as a range of further street and public space improvements. More information on these can be found at

Cllr Leaf Bexley's Cabinet Member for Resources with Councillors from Greenwich