Gravel Hill resurfacing work complete

The resurfacing work on Gravel Hill has finished and the main improvements in Bexleyheath are almost complete. Some finishing works and landscaping will be ongoing but this will have little impact on daytime traffic.
Signalised pedestrian crossings are currently being installed at the new roundabouts at the Civic Offices and at the Albion Road/Gravel Hill junction. These are expected to be in use during March. The segregated cycle lanes along Albion Road & Gravel Hill will also be made mandatory with appropriate signs and road markings. Drivers will not be permitted to park in them.
The new layout has been introduced to help traffic in the area flow more easily, particularly as volumes increase in the coming years. Traffic modelling and analysis of the balance of traffic flows in the area were used to optimise the effectiveness of the whole layout and allowed for growth up to the year 2026, whilst also improving facilities for pedestrians, road safety and the general street environment. This modelling showed that had the original layout been retained the road network was likely to be subject to long delays in the future and that something needed to be done.  
Some remedial work is needed at various locations but in the main this will have little impact on traffic and pedestrians during the daytime. Some more significant resurfacing works are required on Albion Road, particularly at the Townley Road and Highland Road roundabouts. During this resurfacing work there will be a need for some night-time road closures to provide working space. Local residents and businesses who are directly affected will be informed of these works once the programme has been finalised.
The works are part of the final phase of the Bexleyheath Town Centre Revitalisation (BTCR) improvements, which started on Albion Road in 2017. They will help to ensure that Bexleyheath remains a vibrant town centre and achieves its full potential. London Borough of Bexley secured funding for the works from Transport for London.
For more information on these works email, or call 020 8303 7777 and ask to speak with a member of the BTCR team.