Keep testing to protect us all

The vaccine and testing bus

Residents will soon see Bexley’s COVID-19 Testing Bus making its way around the borough reminding everyone to take regular tests.

The bus will have a supply of home tests to hand out. There will be staff on board able to carry out tests. It will also include useful information on the COVID vaccination, including details of local vaccine clinics.

The first stop for the bus will be outside:

Wells Pharmacy,
Forest Road,
Slade Green

The bus will stay there until Friday 22 October.

Bexley’s Director of Public Health, Dr Anjan Ghosh said:

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted it is easy to forget the importance of regular testing. But it is vital that we do not get out of the habit.

Regular testing is a key weapon in our fight against COVID-19. Without it, we can spread the virus without knowing. We must remember that cases are still out there, and people are still being hospitalised.

Pick up a home test kit or visit one of our ‘no symptom’ test sites across the borough and take a test regularly. If you have COVID symptoms, then you need to isolate and take a PCR test at a local centre or have one sent to your home.”

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