Primary school pupils show clear direction!

Over recent weeks hundreds of pupils have had great fun taking part in Multi-Skills and Orienteering competitions which are part of the Council’s PE and School Sport support package and exclusive to schools who are enrolled on the programme.

On 21 May, 240 children from 8 schools took part in a Key Stage 2 Orienteering competition in Danson Park, organised in conjunction with Dartford Orienteering Klubb.

After a training session they had to find 10 control points, hidden around Danson Park, with the quickest children around the course scoring points for their school.

Barnehurst Junior School won the morning competition and Bedonwell Junior School won the afternoon competition, with Barnehurst Juniors taking the overall trophy by a close margin.

During a three-day event,450 pupils from 10 schools also participated in Key Stage 1 Multi skills competitions,

Pupils competed against each other over a course of 15 stations which included activities like star jumps, squat thrusts, skipping, shuttle runs and balancing. They were helped by Year 5/6 Leaders who made a great contribution to the event by putting into practice their leaderships skills by demonstrating the activities and keeping score.

Councillor John Fuller, Bexley's Cabinet Member for Education said: "Well done to all the children taking part in the orienteering and multi-skills events - and congratulations to all the winners.

"Orienteering, in particular, is great fun and I know each and every one of those taking part will have developed important skills along the way, These include teamwork, physical and intellectual skills, as well decision-making abilities.

"I also know that members of the PE and School Sport team received many comments from members of the public who enjoyed seeing so many children being active and enjoying the freedom of being able to run around the park."

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