Small change, big difference

Bexley will be running its very own ‘Good Grub Festival’ on Saturday 14 July at Hurst Community Centre, Sidcup as part of a variety of food focused events taking place this summer.

At ‘Good Grub Festival’, Bexley residents can sample a variety of healthy foods, as well as take part in FREE activities such as Bollywood dancing, kick boxing and circuit training. Cooking demonstrations and the opportunity to make healthy homemade pizza from scratch will also be on offer. Book a place now

Small change, big difference event poster

Bexley is one of nine London boroughs taking part in the Small Change, Big Difference campaign, which aims to help Londoners make a big difference to their health, pockets and the planet by getting savvier with their food. The campaign is about eating more healthily and sustainably, reducing the amount of food wasted at home and recycling more of the inedible bits.

Posters will also be displayed throughout Bexley and social media posts will be shared from all of Bexley’s social media accounts containing tips on small food changes that residents can make. The campaign is encouraging tip sharing on social media using #LondonFoodHacks. 

A Small Change, Big Difference smoothie bike will be at Windrush Event on Sunday 24 June and Erith Fun Day on Saturday 7 July giving residents the opportunity to cycle their way to a free drink which uses up fruit leftovers. In addition, the campaign will share mouth-watering recipes, as well as tips to save time, money and get residents better at recycling their food waste. 

Residents are also being invited to share their favourite recipes for using up typical leftovers such as vegetables, bread and potatoes, with a selection of the most imaginative recipes published in a recipe book. People can have the chance to see their recipe in print by emailing Bexley's waste team. Entries must be received no later than 22 July 2018. 

Cabinet Member for Places, Councillor Peter Craske said, “Thanks to our residents, Bexley has topped the London wide recycling charts for the last 13 years, but there is more we can do. We want to help Bexley residents save money and live more sustainable lives by reducing and recycling food waste and we’ll be providing tips showing just how making one small change can make a big difference.” 

Ali Moore, from the Small Change, Big Difference campaign, comments: “Londoners throw away almost 900,000 tonnes of food each year, which equates to over 71,000 London double-decker buses. By concentrating on small changes, such as recycling potato peelings or banana skins, we can make a big difference - the peelings from just 6 potatoes can be turned into enough compost to grow a brand new potato or one recycled banana peel could generate enough electricity to fully charge an iPhone twice! We are looking forward to all of Bexley’s activities and are excited to have the borough take part.”

Londoners are spending a whopping £1.4 billion each year on buying food, with councils paying around £50 million to dispose of it when it becomes waste. Not only is this waste environmentally damaging, but families could save up to £60 a month by slightly changing the way we shop, prepare, store and eat our food. We can also help the environment by changing the way we dispose of our food.

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