We have engaged with local people and organisations to develop a new Ageing Well Strategy (PDF, 1MB). The strategy will set out a partnership approach to tackling some of the things that residents have told us are important to them.

The strategy will also form part of a suite of strategies and plans which support the aims and objectives set out in our Corporate Plan.


The majority of our older residents live active and healthy lives and it is only in the last few years of life that their health and wellbeing capacity may diminish. We know, however, that lifestyle conditions, changes to communities, and the structures of family life are increasingly having an impact on how people age. Issues such as isolation, lack of physical and mental activity and poor nutrition affect how people feel, and how well they maintain their physical and mental health.

About the draft strategy

The strategy illustrates practical examples of how we are working with our partners and community groups to break down some of the barriers which many older people face, including –

  • lack of knowledge of what is available for older people’s participation in groups, activities and the community
  • secure and stable housing
  • keeping mentally active
  • healthy food and eating well
  • feeling safe
  • financial stability
  • being able to get out and about independently
  • having access to care and support when needed
  • keeping physically active
  • family support
  • keeping socially active and meeting people

It also describes how we are developing new approaches, both in how services are structured and delivered, and in the type and range of support we offer.

The published Strategy is expected to include the following -

Vision – This sets out our commitment to supporting older people, their families and carers in a range of ways. This includes developing preventative services and support, and creating an environment where people can make informed choices about their health and the way in which they live.

Theme 1 - Tackling Loneliness and building connected communities

An overview of the impact of loneliness and isolation and the types of activities residents can access to build and develop relationships and connect to their local communities. Examples will include libraries, local archives, Men in Sheds project, social prescribing, the role of local health champions, volunteering, the Care Hub and specific support available for carers.

Theme 2 - Being Healthy and Active

The positive impact of making healthy choices and remaining active. Examples will include reference to public health initiatives, leisure activities for carers, including activities which are ‘free’ to access, plus sport and leisure opportunities, including those for people with dementia.

Theme 3 - Developing new approaches to care and support

An overview of NHS sustainability and transformation plans and the impact on Bexley, developing person-centred care, ‘Bexley Care’ and the development of Local Care Networks (LCNs).

Theme 4 - Enjoying your life at home and giving you more choice

Information on the support available for those who want to make decisions about their homes and future finances - including repairs and maintenance, grants and loans, energy saving measures, selling or renting existing homes. It will also include digital solutions, plans to develop extra care housing, and sources of advice on other financial matters.

If you have experiences or ideas to share to help us develop and deliver the strategy, or if you are keen to be involved in other projects and plans linked to ageing well in Bexley, then we’d love to hear from you. Please email