The Programme

We provide a large number of services for local people, businesses and visitors to Bexley. When working with key suppliers who help us deliver these services, we're committed to developing an efficient and unified approach.

This is a driving force behind us launching the Supplier Incentive Programme (SIP). When suppliers sign up to the programme, they'll become eligible to receive early payment of invoices. It's one of the first early payment programmes of its kind across London, and is a collaborative initiative with London Councils, through the London Ventures programme.

In-depth analysis of the purchase-to-pay has been undertaken, with the key objective of improving the ordering, invoice management and payment process, benefiting all parties.

The SIP will deliver winning outcomes for our suppliers, such as:

  • improved cash flow through early payment
  • increased process efficiency via e-invoicing, prioritised invoice processing and dedicated query resolution
  • closer collaboration and an integrated long-term relationship
  • enhanced client satisfaction and increased visibility within the council
  • improved financial metrics

Learn more about the programme and how you can sign up at Supplier Incentive Programme (hosted by Oxygen Finance).

Keeping supplier details up to date

To ensure we have the most up to date details for your company, we require:

  1. commercial contact details
  2. administrative contact details

Please provide these via the form.

If you are the contact for more than one supplier to the Council, please fill in the form for each instance.

Commercial Contact Details

Administrative Contact Details

If this is the same as above, leave blank.