The death of any child is a tragedy. It is vital that all child deaths are carefully reviewed so that we can learn from them how we can better support families and to try to prevent future deaths.

  • ‘Child death review’ is a term used to describe the formal processes that happen after a child dies
  • the child death review process must be carried out for all children under 18 years of age regardless of the cause of death
  • there are some parts of the process that take place for every child death, and some that may not be needed depending on the circumstances

Bexley, Lewisham and Greenwich have agreed to combine and be treated as a single area for child death reviews. A single central team will support all aspects of the management and administration of the child death review process. Each borough will have its own designated doctor for child deaths.

Further information is in the following documents:

  1. Bexley, Lewisham, Greenwich Child Death Review Process (PDF, 627KB) - A description of the new arrangements for Child Death Reviews across the three boroughs
  2. When a child dies - A guide for parents and carers (PDF, 2MB) - A guide put together by a group of bereaved parents, support organisations and professionals for parents and carers of a child under 18 to help them to understand some of the things that will happen and the support available