An overview of business rates on how your rates are calculated, the 2017 revaluation  and the appeal procedure to the Valuation Office Agency visit GOV.UK.


Your business rate bill is based on the rateable value of the property and the multiplier.

2017/18 Multipliers:

  • Non-domestic rate multiplier - 47.9p (0.479)
  • Small business non-domestic rating multiplier - 46.6p (0.466)

2016/17 Multipliers:

  • Non-domestic rate multiplier - 49.7p (0.497)
  • Small business non-domestic rating multiplier - 48.4p (0.484)

In addition, from April 2010 businesses in London with a rateable value over £55,000 were required to pay the Business Rate Supplement (BRS) for Crossrail. From 1 April 2017 the threshold will increase which means only businesses with a rateable value of £70,001 or higher will be liable for the BRS in 2017 to 2018.

How do I pay?

  • direct debit - is the easiest way to pay your business rates
  • debit card - pay your business rates by using our pay your Business rates form
  • telephone - pay via touch tone telephone, telephone 020 3045 5200
  • internet banking - quote your business rate reference and the following Council bank details:
    • Sort code 51-70-14
    • Account number 21101183
  • Cheque - payable to ‘London Borough of Bexley’ and write your reference number on the reverse of the cheque and post to:

London Borough of Bexley
PO Box 368
Town Hall

Revaluation 2017 and changes from 1 April 2017

The Valuation Office Agency typically revalue all rateable values for properties in England and Wales every five years. However, the revaluation due in 2015 was delayed for two years to 1 April 2017, values that will take effect form 1 April 2017 are now published.

The idea of the revaluation is to maintain fairness by linking the business rates paid on a property to current rental values. The revaluation does not change the overall amount of business rates paid, but does redistribute the payments across the country and between properties.

Further information on the 2017 Revaluation can be found at GOV.UK - Business Rates which will also have information on the transitional relief scheme.

Changes from 1 April 2017

On 8 March 2017, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced further measures to assist businesses effected by the revaluation due to come into effect on 1 April 2017.

These measures are:

  • businesses that will no longer be in receipt of Small Business Rates Relief (due to 2017 Revaluation) will see their bill increase by no more than £600 per year (£50 per month). Subsequent year increases are capped at transitional cap or £50 per month whichever is higher
  • Public Houses will benefit from a £1,000 discount for Rateable Values less than £100,000
  • a discretionary relief fund will be made available to local authorities to award to ‘hardship cases’ in their local area

These reliefs are now being applied and eligible businesses will be contacted from the end of July 2017.

Are you having problems with paying your bill?

If you do not inform us that you are having difficulty making regular payments, you may incur further costs.

  • to discuss payment or request to pay over 12 instalments:
  • if an instalment is not paid on the due date a reminder notice is sent
  • If you are a small/medium size business who is struggling to pay due to a rates increase following the 2017 revaluation please contact us 
  • if unpaid, the full balance of the year’s business rates will be payable with court costs
  • further costs will be raised if the debt is passed to enforcement agents
  • applications may also be made for bankruptcy or liquidation
  • in exceptional circumstances consideration will be given to applications for Hardship Relief for small businesses struggling to trade