Council Tax Energy Rebate

Households in Council Tax bands A to D will receive the £150 Energy Bill rebate.

This means 4 out of 5 households in England will benefit, including around 95% of rented properties. However, second homes or empty properties will not benefit.

Update on payment of £150 energy rebate

Almost 73,000 eligible residents in Bexley have received the £150 Council Tax energy rebate since the Government announced the measure to help households with rising energy costs.

In the 6 week period following its introduction, the Council made payments of £150 to more than 42,000 residents who qualified for the rebate and who pay their Council Tax by direct debit.

Following this cheque payments were also sent to a further 31,000 eligible residents who pay their Council Tax by a method other than direct debit.

Based on the number of cheques that have been cashed to date, plus the payments made to bank accounts by direct debit, over 90% of residents have now received their energy rebate payment. To ensure that the remaining residents who qualify for the energy rebate do not miss out. the Council will credit their Council Tax accounts with the £150 energy rebate – and this process will begin on Tuesday, the 2nd of August. Residents who have returned their cheques because they were unable to cash them will have their accounts credited first and a total of 1,126 Council Tax accounts will receive £150 on their accounts next week. If you are one of the individual households concerned, you will receive a mailshot to advise you of the process. The mailshot will be sent out first class on Monday (1st of August).

Any other eligible households who have yet to receive their payments will receive a payment around the middle of August.

Energy Rebate payment - Beware of scams

Don’t give your bank details to anyone calling you claiming to be from the Council Tax office and asking for your bank details. Do not provide any bank details as we will not call you to ask for them. There are also emails being sent with the energy regulator’s logo telling recipients they have until 1 June 2022 to claim. Please ignore.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have just received my cheque, but my name is spelt incorrectly or is in joint names

Yes, if the cheque is in joint names then the bank or building society will still allow a single person to bank it.

If you can’t cash the energy rebate for any reason please complete the contact form and we will aim to deal with your query within 28 days.

If for any reason, we are unable to pay you by cheque then we will apply a credit to your Council Tax account.

I have not received my £150.00 energy rebate

If you have not received your energy rebate and your Household is in Council Tax band A to D please complete the contact form and we will aim to deal with your query within 28 days.

I pay by Direct Debit but I still haven’t received a payment into my bank account

Further payments are being made by BACs to credit accounts in early June. If you still haven’t received a BACs payment into your account by the end of the first week in June then you will receive a cheque payment.

Because of a discrepancy and mismatch between the details we hold for you on the Council Tax records and your bank details, we were unable to make a payment to some households via BACs direct into their bank accounts. There are different reasons as to why this can occur, for example, when the Council Tax account is in the name of one adult in a household and the bank account is in the name of another, or there is an initial given on one account and full name on another. The reason for the mismatch can be very minor in some cases, but if you haven’t received a BACs payment and still qualify for a rebate you will receive a cheque payment.

Will I get £150 every year?

No. It is a one-off payment for this year only, to help residents with their rising energy costs,

Can I keep the £150 on my Council Tax account and use it to reduce my instalments?

Most people who pay their Council Tax by Direct Debit in property Bands A to D will already have received a BACs payment into their nominated bank account. A further BACs run is being carried out on Tuesday, 31 May.

If you pay by BACs and still haven’t received a payment into your account by the end of the first week in June then you will receive a cheque payment instead.

My landlord pays the council tax, will I still receive the £150?

If your landlord is also a resident at the property then the money will be paid to them.

I live in a house share, who will receive the £150?

The £150 will be paid to the liable party for council tax and if a direct debit payer, to the bank account that pays the council tax.

My property in Bexley is my second home. Will I still receive the £150?

No. The property must be your sole or main residence to qualify.

I receive Council Tax Reduction and my Council Tax charge for the year is less than £150. Will I still receive £150?

Yes. It is not a council tax payment. The £150 is an energy rebate from the government, to help people with their rising energy costs.

Every resident in property bands A to D is entitled to the £150 energy rebate, even if they are also in receipt of Council Tax Reduction.

I am a full-time student, so I have a zero council tax bill. Will I still receive the £150?

Yes. Properties with exemptions in classes N, S, U or W are still entitled to the £150 (but only one payment per household, not per individual).

I am a joint tenant - will we get £75 each?

No, the guidance states that one payment of £150 should be made to each household regardless of the number of liable Council Tax payers. The local authority is not able to split the payment down into parts.

If the council tax is paid via direct debit, then the full £150 rebate will usually be paid into the bank account that is used to pay the Council Tax.

I’m in a band E to H property. How do I apply for the discretionary scheme?

Anyone in Bands E to H who is in receipt of Council Tax Reduction will automatically receive an energy rebate through either a BACs payment or a cheque.

The remaining discretionary scheme criteria are still being developed. Details will be on our website later in June.

I live in a band D property and I am due to receive the £150, but I don’t need it. Can I refuse the £150 or donate it to charity?

Unfortunately, we are only able to pay this rebate directly to you.

If you would like to donate it to a charity of your choice, then you are free to do that.

You will need to receive the £150 payment, and forward it to the charity yourself.

I don’t bank with NatWest so can I still pay in the cheque to my bank?

You don’t need to bank with NatWest to pay in the cheque to your bank account.

I don’t have a bank account so I can’t pay in the cheque, what do I do?

Please complete the contact form and we will aim to deal with your query within 28 days.