Get help managing your weight

Referrals to the Slimming World on Referral Scheme will close on 31 May 2022.

You will have until 14 June 2022 to activate your voucher so you can attend the 12-week programme.

If you wish to join Slimming World after 31 May 2022, groups will continue to operate in Bexley and you may join as a paying member.

Please visit Slimming World for information about membership costs. 

Bexley residents or those registered with a Bexley GP Practice wanting to lose weight can be referred to Bexley’s Weight Management Referral Service, provided by Slimming World.

To be eligible for the service you must be aged 16 and over, a Bexley resident or registered with a Bexley GP and fit into one of the following criteria:

  • have a Body Mass Index higher than 30
  • have a Body Mass Index higher than 27.5 if you are Black, Asian or any other ethnic minority. This is because Black, Asian and other ethnic minority groups have a higher risk of long-term conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease at a lower body mass index

You can self-refer to the service by contacting Slimming World on 01773 307387. Please have your NHS number to hand when you call. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 6.30pm. Alternatively, you can be referred by a health professional.

What's BMI?

Your Body Mass Index is a number based on your height and weight which gives an idea of whether you could benefit from losing or gaining weight. The NHS recommends that most people keep their BMI between 18 and 25. You can work out yours using the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator.

Targeted weight management programme pilots

Bexley is piloting two weight management programmes to support people to lose weight and improve their health.

To be eligible for the programmes you must be a Bexley resident or registered with a Bexley GP practice and you must ask for a referral from your GP.

The Counterweight Meal Replacement Programme

This is a digital programme supported by a dietitian, weekly goals, and content on the Counterweight App.

The programme runs for 16 weeks and is divided into 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Meal Replacement
  • Stage 2: Food Reintroduction
  • Stage 3: Weight Loss Maintenance

Due to the overwhelming response to the programme, registration is now closed for free access to the programme.

Self-Funded Support Plans

Counterweight offer flexible support options to meet your needs and budget. If you are interested in joining Counterweight and speaking with one of their experts about your personal weight loss and health goals, please visit their website.

The Bexley Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme

This is a 9-month group programme designed to support people who are above a healthy weight and have been diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension). The programme focuses on nutrition, physical activity and behaviour change to help you change your lifestyle and reduce your risk of CVD.

To be referred to the programme you must be:

  • aged 40 to 74 years
  • have a diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • have a BMI over 30kg/m2 (or over 27.5kg/m2 if you are of Black African, African-Caribbean or Asian origin). Check your BMI using the NHS BMI healthy weight calculator
  • able to undertake moderate-intensity physical activity. If in doubt consult your GP
  • willing and able to attend and benefit from a group programme over 9 months

Registration is now closed for free access to the programme and this service no longer accepts referrals.