Staying Put service

Staying Put is a service for older, vulnerable and disabled residents of Bexley, offering help and advice on home repairs, improvements and housing options.

It is for those who are either over the age of 60 or under 60 and in receipt of a disability benefit.

A caseworker will visit to offer advice and support with home improvements and repairs that are necessary to enable you to remain living safely and comfortably in your own home. They will discuss your concerns, assist with obtaining estimates from reputable contractors and offer support while works are being carried out.

There are Local authority grants and loans for urgent repairs, subject to qualifying criteria, which a caseworker can help you apply for.

Works include:

  • heating repairs and replacement boilers
  • repairs to dangerous electrics
  • works to resolve damp issues
  • repairs to leaking roofs
  • window repairs and replacements
  • other urgent health and safety repairs

Approved contractors can also provide estimates for privately funded repairs to your property. 

If you have an enquiry regarding the Staying Put service, complete the enquiry form or contact

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