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The Council has completed a comprehensive public consultation on its proposal to introduce discretionary licensing schemes and is proposing to introduce a Selective Licensing Scheme applying to all private rented properties, which will include HMOs not covered by the new mandatory scheme, in four defined areas: Thamesmead North, Abbey Wood, Lower Belvedere and parts of Erith.

The following documents provide detailed maps of the four selective licensing areas:

Visit Selective property licensing search to see if a property requires a selective licence.

In February, after the consultation had ended, the government introduced new legislation relating to HMO licensing which will come into force on the 1 October 2018. The new legislation extends mandatory HMO licensing to include all HMOs where there are five or more people. The Council is therefore no longer proposing to introduce an additional licensing scheme at the present time. The Council will monitor the impact of the new legislation.

The following document provides full details of the consultation documents setting out the Council’s proposal relating to its proposed scheme Rent it Right Proposal to Introduce Discretionary Licensing Schemes - Consultation (PDF, 3MB).

In accordance with legislative requirements the results of the consultation and representations made have been fully considered and responded to by the Council.

A panel was convened and met on the 15 February 2018 to consider the consultation results. The panel included local landlords, letting agents and interested parties. The minutes and list of attendees can be found in the following document, Property Licensing Panel minutes and proposals (PDF, 66KB).

The following document provides full details of responses received in relation to the on line questionnaire including analysis and the councils response to these, Survey and responses with analysis (PDF, 2MB).

The following provides full details of the written responses received, Written responses (PDF, 787KB).

A document providing a summary of the consultation findings and the Council’s response can be found at Key issues and response (PDF, 374KB).

The consultation questionnaire included a number of questions about introducing additional HMO licensing, for the reason given above this is no longer being proposed by the Council. The Consideration of the responses made has therefore confined to those that relate to the proposal to introduce a selective licensing scheme in the four areas identified above.

A decision on whether to proceed with the selective licensing scheme will be made by the Council on the 10 April 2018. If the Council decides to introduce the scheme it will come into force on the 1 September 2018 for a five year period.

If you have any other comments/questions please email or call 020 3045 3456.