If you are not currently on the housing register but would like to apply to Bexley for a home, please visit Bexley HomeChoice to make an application or contact Bexley Allocations Service, bas@bexley.gov.uk to request a paper copy of the form.

Once your housing need has been assessed we will let you know if you are eligible to be on our housing register and if this is the case you can bid for suitable homes through Bexley HomeChoice, Bexley's Choice Based Lettings service.

Applicants on the housing register can place bids on properties they are interested in. Details of all properties are also printed and displayed in libraries across the borough as well as at the Civic Offices. Libraries also have computers available for use if you don't have one at home.

How social housing is allocated

Our aims:

  • to meet need and give everyone an equal chance of getting a housing association home depending on their need
  • to build more balanced communities by focusing on those parts of Bexley where a better mix would make them places where people want to live
  • to provide a simple system that is easy to understand and which customers feel is fair
  • to give good quality information to customers to enable them to see what their chances are of getting a housing association home and what they need to do to improve their chances
  • to offer as much choice as the supply of homes allows

Housing need is assessed in accordance with Bexley Council's Allocations Scheme. Further detail on the Allocations Scheme is available at Bexley HomeChoice

In Bexley, those who have left the armed forces in the past five years and other categories relating to service in the armed forces may have priority need for social housing. This decision to recognise service in the armed forces in our Allocations Scheme was taken after the London Borough of Bexley signed the Armed Forces Community Covenant (PDF, 189KB).


Bexley Allocations will determine whether a household is overcrowded by using the following criteria from the current Allocations Policy.

The Council uses the bedroom standard as a measure of overcrowding for allocation purposes. Bexley have, however, lowered the age from 21 to 16 when a person is entitled to their own room.

A separate bedroom will be allocated to:

  • married or cohabiting couple
  • person aged 16 years or more
  • pair of children aged 10 to 15 years of the same gender
  • pair of children aged under 10 years regardless of gender

For the purpose of this definition a bedroom will be classed as a room that would normally be used as a bedroom. Rooms of a size of less than 50 square feet are disregarded.

Overcrowded applicants are placed in Band 3, however if they are considered as statutory overcrowded they are placed in Band 1.


If you are a private sector tenant or staying with family or friends where the property is too small for your needs, you should consider moving to a larger private sector property in the first instance. This is likely to be the quickest means to overcome your overcrowding.

You may be eligible to claim 'Local Housing Allowance' to help you pay your rent. More information is available at Renting a room or property.

You can also apply for Social Housing and will be placed in the appropriate band if you are eligible. You will need to complete an online application form if you have not already done so. Once your application has been approved, you will be able to bid for properties that interest you via Bexley HomeChoice.

Social housing association tenants who are overcrowded can apply for inclusion on the housing register for a move to a larger property. You will need to complete an online housing form if you have not already done so at Bexley HomeChoice. Provided your application is approved, you will be able to bid for properties that interest you via Bexley HomeChoice.

Other options

Social housing tenants may also alleviate overcrowding through a mutual exchange. This is where two tenants agree to swap their homes. You may go up or down one bedroom and move anywhere in the United Kingdom. A mutual exchange can help you avoid long waits on the housing list. More information is available on Home swap/mutual exchange.

Applying for sheltered housing

To be eligible you must be aged 55 or over.

  • you will need to register on the Bexley HomeChoice housing register
  • if you are a registered social landlord tenant living in the borough you may be given more priority if you give up more than one bedroom

Contact the Allocations team on 020 3045 3100 and request an application form.

Visit Bexley HomeChoice for more information and to view any sheltered properties currently available.

What is sheltered housing?

Sheltered housing is designed for the needs of older people, enabling them to maintain an independent lifestyle.

  • the accommodation is designed to meet the needs of older people
  • properties are unfurnished and self-contained
  • most have one bedroom but there are some studios
  • some properties have shared facilities like a free laundry and a communal lounge
  • some schemes may have a guest room where friends or relatives can stay overnight
  • residents live completely independently and have their own front door, kitchen, lounge, etc.

Sheltered housing is not:

  • a nursing home
  • somewhere where meals are provided for residents
  • accommodation suitable for people who are very frail or require high levels of medical care
  • available to anyone under 55 years of age

What support is available?

Most of the schemes have a scheme manager or warden to provide residents with advice and information, to monitor wellbeing and to deal with emergencies.

They can help residents access care and other support services but are not able to provide help with nursing or household tasks.

Private providers of sheltered housing

For any enquiries regarding sheltered housing for sale, there are two housing associations who own schemes and deal with sales.

  • Moat Housing Association - 0300 323 0011 - (they own Berens Court in Sidcup)
  • Hyde Housing Association - 0845 606 1221 - Maria Young (they own Hardwick Court, Erith, Baltimore Place, Welling and Kendall Lodge, Bromley)