On these pages you will be able view our informal routes for solving issues and also view our Employment Procedures and the key principles that underpin our processes.

Should you need further guidance please contact your usual HR representative.

We are committed to ensuring that there is no unlawful discrimination or bias in the application of our processes and procedures. We will also review how our processes operate to ensure fairness.  The Council is committed to Valuing Diversity in its workforce and aims to ensure that all employment decisions are fair and objective, employees are treated with respect and understanding and that there is no unlawful discrimination.

In order to provide the best possible opportunity for our employees to contribute to our goals and realise their full potential they are entitled to expect us to promote mutual respect between all employees and to ensure that they are treated fairly and appropriately. 

We will, wherever possible, aim to resolve matters informally without escalation to formal procedures but where formal processes are triggered we will treat our employees with dignity and respect.

Dissatisfaction with the operation of the Council’s procedures 

If an Employee has concerns related to the application of a Procedure their concern should be raised as part of an existing complaint and/or as part of an Appeal.

Amendment or termination of procedure

Where there is a proposal to amend or terminate an Employment Procedure consultation will take place with the relevant Trade Unions.

The Employment Procedures may be amended or terminated following consultation with the relevant trade union at any time.  Where agreement cannot be reached the proposed amendment(s)/termination will be made by giving three months’ notice.

Informal options

Formal procedures

Employment procedures other

Family friendly policies