COVID–19: Free special temporary parking arrangement application for emergency service workers, NHS staff, carers and volunteers

This arrangement will entitle emergency services workers (Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance), NHS workers, carers and volunteers helping with the COVID–19 crisis, to park across the London Borough of Bexley in or on the following parking controls without the worry of being issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. Please note that all applications must be made in a professional capacity only, providing a relevant work email address (except volunteers and direct personal carers/family members providing care to the vulnerable).

Holders are permitted to park in or on:

  • single yellow lines
  • permit bays
  • Pay to Park bays on street
  • council operated car parks
  • loading bays
  • short-stay parking bays

Holders are not permitted to park in or on:

  • the footway (including the pavement)
  • double yellow lines
  • bus stops
  • zig-zag markings
  • disabled persons parking bays

This will be a fixed-term arrangement and will last for no more than three months from the date of approval. If Central Government issues a directive that the COVID–19 pandemic is over, the termination date of this arrangement will be 7 days after the announcement.

This arrangement will automatically terminate three months from the date of approval and cannot be automatically extended. It is your responsibility to submit a new application if necessary while the pandemic is still in effect - we are unable to send reminders.

Neither a paper permit or a virtual permit will be issued for this arrangement; the vehicle registration and other details will be added to a database that Civil Enforcement Officers have access to when on patrol. If the terms of the arrangement are not adhered to, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) may be issued and on receipt, the motorist will have the option to make a challenge or payment as directed on the PCN.