Parking controls

Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs)

  • a form of parking control, often combined with loading control, to keep the road free for passing traffic
  • RPZs use boundary signs, and occasional repeater/reminder signs, to explain the hours of restriction within the zone
  • where no times and days of the week are stated on the boundary signs, the restrictions apply at all times for all days of the week
  • when stated on the boundary signs "except in signed bays" there will be locations within the zone where parking or loading may be permitted
  • these will be signed and may also be indicated by road markings or different paving/surface material
  • drivers should check the sign alongside any bay to ensure they are entitled to park or load within it
  • drivers may use the marked out bays for any waiting, parking or loading activity outside the times specified alongside each bay

Footway parking

  • in general, parking on pavements throughout London is banned
  • it is permitted where blue signs are placed showing how a vehicle may be parked, and in Bexley, there will also be white bays marked on the pavement

Stopping where not permitted

  • you cannot stop on yellow or white zigzag markings at any time for any reason
  • these controls are rigorously enforced using both walking patrol Civil Enforcement Officers and CCTV

Parking in permit bays with a Blue Badge

  • in Bexley it is permitted for Blue Badge holders to park in disabled, resident, business, pay to park areas, car parks, and shared use parking bays, providing their badge is correctly and clearly displayed

Stopping in restricted bus stops

  • it is not permitted to stop in restricted bus stops (shown as yellow boxes with the words Bus Stop or Stand) at any time

Permit parking

  • Bexley uses a virtual permit system for most parking permits and car park season tickets
  • currently, visitor vouchers (scratch cards) are produced in paper format and are not yet available virtually
  • all information is relayed directly to the equipment carried by the Civil Enforcement Officers so there is no need for any physical permit to be displayed

Coaches and Heavy Goods Vehicles

General parking controls