Planning policy and guidance

How does Bexley make planning decisions?

A Development Plan is a collection of planning policies which set out how land can be used and what can be built where in the borough. Planning applications are considered against these policies.

Bexley’s Development Plan includes:

These policies are guided by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The Council has to consider a range of other documents when deciding planning applications.

These include:

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Local Plan

The Local Plan is a key part of Bexley’s Development Plan. It includes:

Core Strategy (adopted 22 February 2012)

The Core Strategy sets out the Council’s long-term vision for development in the borough. It aims to support a strong, sustainable and cohesive community. An independent inspector has confirmed the strategy is ‘sound’.

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Current policies in the Unitary Development Plan

The Unitary Development Plan (UDP) preceded the Core Strategy. It was adopted on 28 April 2004 but some policies expired in 2007. Following the adoption of the Core Strategy in 2012, some UDP policies were replaced.

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Printed copies of the UDP can be:

Local Plan review

Work is underway to prepare a new Local Plan for the London Borough of Bexley. All information on the plan including its content, timetable, and how to get involved can be found on Local Plan review.

How can I get involved in planning future development in my neighbourhood?

Neighbourhood planning was introduced to enable local communities to take ownership of the planning and development in their area. If an area feels that it has scope to accommodate additional development over and above that which is planned in the Council's plan or it feels the planned development should be provided in a different way, then it may consider forming a Neighbourhood Forum and producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The plans must be consistent with existing planning documents in order to form part of Bexley’s Local Plan. Producing a Neighbourhood Plan can be time-intensive, costly and complex so it is important that you discuss any proposals with the Council as early as possible.

View guidance on creating a Neighbourhood Plan.

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