Technical documents

The Council produces a number of technical documents related to its planning policy and guidance documents. 

Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

What is the Authority Monitoring Report?

The Council produces an Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) to measure the effectiveness of its planning policies. The AMR also helps the central government and the Mayor of London assess how successfully Bexley's policies support national and regional planning policies.

Authority Monitoring Reports

All monitoring reports prepared since the adoption of the current Local Plan in 2012 are published below.

Assessment of five-year housing land supply

The Council must publish information on whether there are enough deliverable sites to meet the area's housing needs over the next five years, as part of the AMR process. The Council considers that it is on course to exceed its London Plan target over the next five years.

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Statement of Community Involvement

What is the Statement of Community Involvement?

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how you can become involved in planning in the London Borough of Bexley, both in deciding planning applications and preparing planning policy documents.

Statement of Community Involvement - 2019

A new Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) for Bexley has been published. This document reflects changes in national legislation and guidance, and the use of technology as a method of engagement since the publication of Bexley's SCI (2006) and associated addendum (2009).

A public consultation on an updated draft Statement of Community Involvement closed on Tuesday 30 April 2019. A full summary of the comments received, the Council's responses and any changes made to the final document can be found in the SCI Statement of Consultation.

The SCI was subject to an Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA).

The new Statement of Community Involvement was adopted in July 2019, replacing the 2006 version and associated addendum (2009), and can be viewed below:

The document is also available in paper format at the Council’s Contact Centre at the Civic Offices, Bexleyheath and all borough libraries.

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Local Development Scheme (LDS)

What is the Local Development Scheme?

The LDS lists all of the documents that will form a part of the local plan. It also sets out the timetable for their production and adoption.

The Council endorsed its LDS on 28 October 2019. The LDF timetable for the production and adoption of local plan documents was amended in February 2021 and is reflected in the updated document.

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Housing Delivery Test

In November 2018 the Government introduced the Housing Delivery Test as a standardised method of monitoring housing delivery across the country. The Housing Delivery Test measurement for each local planning authority is published annually, with consequences applying for different levels of under-delivery. Information is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and the Housing Delivery Test measurement rule book.

In the 2021 measurement, published by the Government on 14 January 2022, LB Bexley delivered 93% of its housing requirement and, as a consequence is required to publish an Action Plan. Performance against this measure will vary year on year depending on the nature of development activity within the borough which the Council does not directly control.