Bexley Design Advice Panel (BDAP)

Bexley has established the Bexley Design Advice Panel (BDAP) to support the borough in achieving its strategic objectives in regeneration, the renewal of its built environment and

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the enhancement of the quality of life of Bexley residents.

The panel will review development proposals and masterplans, as well as providing other design support services to assist all those involved in the planning and development process in the borough to ensure that design quality is at the heart of new developments, delivering the maximum positive benefit to the borough, its communities and residents.

The BDAP is managed on behalf of Bexley by Design Council Cabe, and is made up of an interdisciplinary panel of 20 individuals chosen from Design Council Cabe's network of 400 Built Environment Experts (BEEs).

The main work of the BDAP will be delivered through design review, an independent and impartial process of peer review for evaluating the quality of the design of new buildings, masterplans, public spaces and infrastructure projects which is recognised in the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Bexley Council members expect that all major developments will go through design review using the Bexley Panel before a planning application is submitted, in order to ensure the highest quality of design is achieved in development.

Design review is confidential unless part of a planning application, in which case it is made publicly available.

For further information, please contact:

Brian Quinn, Senior Advisor, Design Council Cabe,, 020 7420 5269.

Elli Thomas, Advisor, Design Council Cabe,, 020 7420 5239.

However, if you want to contact the planning department at Bexley Council to discuss smaller schemes or alterations to your property please call 020 8303 7777 and ask for the duty planning officer, between 10am and noon every weekday.