• for food waste only and is collected weekly
  • line your kitchen caddy with starch bags, paper bags or newspaper
  • ensure starch bags have the seedling logo 
    Seedling logo
  • starch bags can be purchased in most supermarkets or through Alina
  • transfer the food recycling into your external food recycling box
  • contact us if you have a large family and are filling your food recycling box every week
  • remove out of date food from the packaging before placing in the maroon box
Items which can and cannot be disposed of in houses food recycling bins

Residents can receive rewards for recycling more through the green points reward scheme.

Additional boxes can be ordered online.

We will empty up to three boxes for each material per household per week.

If you still need extra space contact us and we may be able to provide you with a larger container.

If you move house leave your green waste wheeled bin, food recycling box and recycling boxes for future occupants.

If you are moving within Bexley take your garden waste bin with you.

Contact us to change the address on your garden waste membership.

If you move into a house that does not have all the bins and boxes required you can order more online.