How much does it cost?

The garden waste service is £45 a year. However, if you sign up via Direct Debit the cost for the service is reduced to £40.

This works out as £1.80 per collection or £1.60 per collection if you are paying by Direct Debit.

How do I apply?

The quickest and most convenient way to sign up is online.  

You can also pay at any Council library by cash/cheque; however, there may be a delay in your subscription going through the system, especially at busy periods of the year.  

When will my bin arrive?

The bin will be delivered within 10 working days.

What can I put into the bin?

Yes please: 

  • hedge cuttings
  • grass cuttings 
  • weeds
  • garden plants
  • flowers
  • dead leaves
  • twigs
  • fallen fruit

No thank you:

  • food waste
  • plastic bags
  • manure and pet bedding
  • soil, stones, gravel and rubble
  • fences, MDF or treated wood
  • dog faeces
  • plastic plant pots
  • large branches or logs over 6cm

Is there a discount for pensioners or residents on low incomes?

No, there is no specific discount for pensioners or residents on a low income. 

Why are you able to charge for garden waste?

Garden waste can be charged for under the Controlled Waste Regulations. A number of local councils also charge for this service.

When will the bin be emptied?

The garden waste bins will be collected on the same day but opposite week to the general waste bins.

What time does my bin need to be put out on collection day?

Your bin(s) should be put out on the day of collection by 6.30am on the boundary of your property.

What do I do if the bins are not emptied when they've been put out?

We apologise you did not receive a collection, please report this online.  

Will any additional garden waste be taken?

No, additional waste outside of the wheeled bin will not be collected.

Can I have more than one bin?

Yes, you can have up to five garden waste bins at a reduced price of £36 a year per additional bin.

Please note: All additional bins have the same renewal date as the original sign up.

Can I put food waste in with my garden waste?

No, your garden waste will be going to a different facility than your food waste and will not be treated to the standard needed to reprocess food waste.

Can I put my garden waste in my green refuse bin?

No, if garden waste is found in the general refuse bins it will not be collected.

How else can I dispose of my garden waste if I don't want to pay for it to be collected?

Both Thames Road and Foots Cray Reuse and Recycling Centres accept garden waste free of charge.

Alternatively, you can home compost your garden waste which gives you free compost for your garden. Home compost bins are available at a reduced price through

How will the crew know which bins to collect?

Only residents who are signed up to the garden waste scheme will receive a garden waste bin. The crews will also have a list of all the properties who have signed up to the service. 

Are there any alternative bin sizes to the 240 litre bin?

Yes, there is a smaller 140 litre brown bin option. This is also collected fortnightly and the cost is the same as the standard bin - £45 or £40 if you pay by Direct Debit.

What communication will I receive regarding my sign up / renewal?

You will receive a welcome letter after initially signing up to the service. Then, at least six weeks and then two weeks before your contract renewal date you will receive renewal invoices via email/letter. If you pay by Direct Debit you will receive a renewal confirmation via email/letter. 

What are the benefits of paying by Direct Debit?

If you choose to pay by Direct Debit, your contract will be automatically renewed every year and you will receive a £1.50 discount per bin per year. 

What will happen to my garden waste?

Your garden waste goes to Biogen in Swanley and is made into compost.

I am moving house, can I take my bin with me?

If you are moving within the London Borough of Bexley you can take your bin with you. Please notify us of your new address so your membership can be updated and the crew can be made aware of the new collection address. 

If you move out of the Borough you can either cancel the service or leave your bin for the new owners to use. There are no refunds in either case.

Will my garden waste be collected over Christmas?

No, the garden waste service is suspended for two weeks over the Christmas / New Year period. This means you will receive 25 collections during the year. 

I only have a small garden, can I share with my neighbour?

Yes, one of you will need to be the membership holder and ensure that the service is paid for. Please note that the bin will need to be collected from outside the address of the membership holder only.

Can I burn my garden waste on a bonfire?

No, disposing of garden waste on a bonfire adds to air pollution and can cause a nuisance to neighbours. It is more environmentally friendly to use the garden waste service or the reuse and recycling centres. 

What happens if I pay my renewal late?

Any renewals made after the service renewal date, including those which result in bin removals, will have the service restored back to the original renewal date. We reserve the right to charge £20 for bin redelivery costs. Direct Debit customers will have their payment date changed to match the same month of their service renewal date.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Your bin will be removed within 10 working days and collections will be stopped immediately. If you cancel within 14 calendar days of initially signing up you will receive a full refund.