Recycling for flats

How the scheme works

  • flats in blocks and on estates have colour-coded recycling bins near to block entrances or in bin stores
  • All recycling bins are emptied fortnightly,each household has been provided with a reusable recycling bag which can be used to store recyclable waste in your home and to transport it to the recycling bins where it needs to be separated and put into the correct bins
  • if you do not have a bag and would like to receive one contact us
  • shared recycling bins are not suitable for larger items such as large cardboard boxes, take these to your nearest mini recycling site or to either reuse and recycling centre
  • report any missed collections online
  • if any bin is broken, damaged or you need additional capacity, complete the online form

Blue bin for paper and cardboard

Items which can and cannot be disposed of in flats blue recycling bins

Green bin for glass bottles and jars

Items which can and cannot be disposed of in flats green recycling bin

Silver bin for plastic packaging, cans and cartons

Items which can and cannot be disposed of in flats silver recycling bin

Food recycling bin

Items which can and cannot be disposed of in flats food recycling bins
  • if you do not have a kitchen caddy these can be ordered online
  • starch or paper caddy bags can be used to line your kitchen caddy
  • ensure starch bags have the seedling logo 
    Seedling logo
  • starch bags can be purchased in most supermarkets or purchased through Alina
  • if your brown bin or food housing unit is broken, damaged or you need additional capacity please complete the online form
  • remove out of date food from the packaging. The plastic packaging will need to go into the silver bin

Chargeable garden waste service

Flats can have a garden waste bin.

Arrange for your managing agent to contact us for more information.

Items which can and cannot be disposed of in flats garden waste recycling bins

London green points

Residents that live in blocks of flats in Bexley are able to receive rewards for recycling more through the green points reward scheme.

Flats above shops

Flats above shops have a mixed recycling collection service from clear bags. The scheme is for properties where wheelie bins and recycling boxes are unsuitable.

Each household will be provided with rolls of clear plastic sacks in which mixed recyclable materials can be placed out for a weekly collection.

The following can be recycled in the clear bags:

  • paper and cardboard (flatten cardboard boxes)
  • plastic bottles (wash and squash)
  • food and drinks cans and tin foil (wash and squash all cans)
  • glass bottles and jars (rinse, no broken glass)

The following cannot be recycled in the clear bags:

  • plastic containers (example yoghurt pots, margarine tubs and food trays)
  • plastic bags, plastic films or polystyrene
  • drinks cartons
  • textiles (example clothes, shoes and bedding)
  • glass tableware, Pyrex or ceramics
  • food and garden waste
  • wood and metals
  • electrical items

Sacks need to be available for collection from 6.45am on the same day as non-recyclable waste; sacks should only be put out on your collection day or the evening before.

  • place your clear sacks next to your non-recyclable waste
  • participating households can place out as many sacks as necessary each week. New sacks will be delivered every six months
  • additional sacks can be ordered online