Recycling service changes

Most households across the Borough will be given two wheelie bins which will replace the three boxes that they currently have for recycling. Please note the recycling changes do not apply to flats or flats above shops.

Blue lidded wheelie bin

Fortnightly collection

Blue-lidded wheelie bin for paper/cardboard recycling.

White lidded wheelie bin

Fortnightly collection

White-lidded wheelie bin for plastics, glass, cans and carton recycling.

What is changing?

Most households across the Borough will be given two wheelie bins which will replace the three boxes that they currently have for recycling, and the service will move to a fortnightly collection. 

When will the service change?

The service will change in Summer 2019.

The rollout of the new recycling wheelie bins will be staggered. The first bins will be rolled out in summer 2019 and deliveries will be completed within 4 months. Keep your recycling boxes. We'll provide tips on how to reuse these. We will collect unwanted recycling boxes once the new bins have been delivered.

Do I need to do anything? (request your bin size)

You don't need to contact us, you will automatically be given a medium 180 litre blue-lidded bin and a large 240 litre white-lidded bin.

If you want a different size you can view the new bin dimensions and complete the request your bin size form by no later than the 31 May.


Request your bin size


Please note: You will not be able to change the bin size you get after 31 May 2019.

To find out more about how we handle your personal data, see the London Borough of Bexley Council Corporate Privacy Notice (PDF, 116KB).

When will I get my new wheelie bins?

Due to the scale of the operation, we will not be able to provide you with an exact delivery date for your new bins. There will be more information on the rollout from Summer 2019.

Do I have to have the new wheelie bins?

Yes. There are a number of advantages to wheeled bins over boxes. You will be able to store more recycling, and the wheelie bins will keep the recycling secure and dry – reducing issues with windblown litter and spillages and improving the appearance of our streets.

What if I don't have space for the bins?

We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ therefore we have given you the option to select your bin size. Please ensure you have requested your bin sizes by 31 May 2019 as we will not be able to change the bin sizes after this date.

I do not produce enough recycling to fill the bins, do I still need to use them?

Yes, we will only collect recycling from wheeled bins and not boxes once the bins have been delivered. However, you are not required to present them for each collection, simply present them when they are full on your collection day. 

What if I can't move the bins?

If you currently receive an assisted collection service, this will continue. If you don’t currently have assisted collections but think you may struggle to move the bins (and there’s no-one in your household that can help you), please contact us to discuss your needs.

Why can't Bexley have just one recycling bin for all recyclable materials?

We have always kept paper and cardboard separate from other recyclable materials to ensure the paper/cardboard is kept clean for reprocessing. This allows us to generate an income for this material rather than pay for this to be recycled. This saves around £500,000 a year for taxpayers.

The changes will help to increase the total amount recycled in our Borough and will allow us to provide a more efficient service. They will also save money which can be used instead for services such as adult social care.

The wheelie bins will provide you with more room to recycle and you will no longer need to separate glass which will be collected with your plastics. We know because you've told us, that the boxes we currently use mean there is lots of windblown material during collections.

The new wheelie bins will contain recycling better reducing litter.


If you would like to view the bin sizes or speak to a member of our team then come along to one of the following road shows between 10am to 1pm:

  • Wednesday 15 May – Welling Library 
  • Monday 20 May – Central Library 
  • Tuesday 21 May – Sidcup Library
  • Thursday 23 May - Slade Green and Howbury Community Centre and Library

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