Schools and learning

The Education Improvement Service (EIS) provides high quality support, training and advice for all staff working in education.

The team is composed of experienced education professionals dedicated to ensuring that every young person in Bexley attends a great setting, school or college, in order to achieve their full potential.

The EIS team (part of the EIS team) works with the full range of education staff in school, including head teachers, senior leaders, classroom teachers, teaching assistants and governors.

Educational support

The Narrowing the Gap team aims to raise outcomes for all children at risk of under achievement and in particular, the most vulnerable, including children eligible for free school meals, early years pupil premium or two year old funding, looked after children, children who speak English as an additional language and Gypsy Roma Traveller pupils.

In the first instance, it is important to consider the need and outcomes of each individual child. Some children and young people may require targeted support to help meet their educational needs and this is carried out by the school.

The Narrowing the Gap advisers, part of the EIS team, work with schools to ensure they have a clear and defined approach for this and the team also monitor schools and pupil achievement so that each child/young person progresses well.

As part of its responsibilities, the Narrowing the Gap team also monitors pupil achievement, liaises with teachers and parents and carries out language assessments, ensuring that all underperforming pupils are challenged.

The team also works to ensure that parents and pupils are active partners in the learning process; that they have a direct role in accountability strategies and are part of development of programmes that meet the individual pupil’s needs.

Parental support

GRT families, new to Bexley, can call the contact centre on 020 8303 7777, for support on registration and admissions to Bexley schools.

Further information and reports on GRT pupils can be found on GOV.UK.

Free school meals

Information on eligibility for free school meals can be found on GOV.UK - Apply for free school meals.

If you live in Bexley and think you may be entitled to free school meals, complete the free school meals application form (PDF, 246KB).

Contact information:

Free School Meals
Erith Town Hall
Kent DA8 1TL


Telephone 01322 338712

Schools news

You may be aware that there will be changes to school budgets. In these budget changes, the government will allocate additional funding to boost achievement and raise aspirations among specific groups of pupils. These groups will include FSM, low prior attainment and English as an additional language (EAL).

To gather information on pupils with EAL, your school may now ask you about your nationality, your child’s country of birth, your ethnicity and the languages your family speaks.

Consequently, registering for free school meals or providing information to your school about your child’s EAL status will boost the funding your school receives.