Selection test result information for 2020

The 2020 Selection Test is now complete. 5760 candidates sat the test in Bexley this year, and the selective standard has been set at 214, with 1977 pupils being deemed Selective, including the Top 180 scorers who achieved a score of 246 or above.

When will I receive my child's selection test results?

Results will be emailed to parents on Thursday 3 December. If you have not received an email by Friday 4 December, you will be able to request a copy by emailing or speak with your child’s headteacher who will receive a summary of results for pupils attending their school.

If my child's test result affects their secondary school choices, can I change them?

In order to be considered for a grammar school place, you should have included at least one preference for a grammar school in Bexley on your Secondary Common Application Form. The closing date for this has already passed and you should have submitted your secondary school preferences to your local authority.

If your child’s test result affects the secondary school preferences on the application you have already submitted, you should approach your local authority immediately to enquire about a change of secondary school preference.

If you are a Bexley resident and wish to amend the secondary school preferences on your application, please request a change of secondary school preference by Thursday 10 December 2020.

Requests for a change of secondary school preference is now closed.

Have any concerns about the score your child has achieved?

Results are provided to headteachers to allow them to prepare a review request. If you have any concerns about the score your child has achieved, please speak with their headteacher in the first instance, and if they agree that the score is not reflective of the child’s ability, they can submit a request for a review.

Review requests must be received by Friday 18 December, outcomes will be communicated in January 2021. The headteacher review form and details of the process are available below.

Selection tests for children already at secondary school

Children can be admitted to grammar schools in Bexley after the start of Year 7 if vacancies arise. For example, if children leave the school.

If you would like to apply for a place at a grammar school in Bexley for your child, you should apply directly to the school.

The tests are not the same as those taken by children in the last year of primary school.

If your child is deemed selective but a place is not available at your preferred school, you will be able to request that he or she is placed on the waiting list for a place. Being deemed selective does not guarantee that a place will be offered.

For further information regarding the in year selection tests, please view the grammar school websites.

You can also email with any questions.