These are typical roles at the London Borough of Bexley

Corporate Services

This Directorate serves the whole of the Council and supports all residents of our Borough.

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Digital and ICT officers

Responsibilities include:

  • supporting online and digital channels for our residents
  • keeping our website updated and implementing reliable equipment

Communications and marketing officers

Responsibilities include keeping staff and residents well informed of activities and raising awareness of relevant information.

HR, payroll, pension and recruitment support officers

Responsibilities include:

  • good recruitment and employment policies in line with current legislation and equal opportunities
  • pension support and competent payroll
  • HRMC and National Insurance deductions

Occupational health and wellbeing

Offers support to new recruits and any employees to ensure their employment with the London Borough of Bexley is as flexible and the best it can be.

Organisational learning

Offers learning and development (including apprenticeships) to ensure staff are equipped to be the best they can be whilst working for the London Borough of Bexley.

Legal support

From Paralegals up to Solicitors, this team ensure all activities are legal and work within the constraints of the law.

Finance Team

Roles range from assistants to chartered accountants and have the responsibility of managing budgets across all areas of the organisation.

Procurement advisors

This team ensures the organisation’s contracts deliver good value for money.

Business support

There are a number of business support hubs which are responsible for administrative support within each area of the organisation. 

Customer service support, including contact centre and reception

This is often the first voice the public will see/hear. These staff support the reception, answer resident calls and either deal with or signpost callers to the relevant departments for further help.

Children’s Services

This Directorate supports our young residents in the Borough. Teams include the children we care for, adoption and fostering, education psychology, school improvement and school admissions.

Illustration of Local Government employees

Social workers and Social work assistants

These roles support vulnerable children in our Borough who need additional support.

Team leaders

Responsibilities include leading and supporting a team to deliver key objectives within deadlines.

Senior practitioners and Family support workers

Responsibilities are to ensure the provision of effective and comprehensive support to families and young people, and having regard for the needs and expectations of families, stakeholders and to those accessing the service.

Educational psychologists and Speech and language therapists

Offer advice if schools or families are having difficulty helping a child or young person. Their job is to assess a child's or young person's needs and advise the parents or school about their: 

  • speech and language
  • communication and relationships with others

Personal advisors

Offer advice and support with housing, employment, finances, education and more.

School transport officers

The role includes the co-ordination of transport to education establishments.

School admissions

Co-ordinate and offer school placements, and plan for future schooling requirements.

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Adult Social Care

This Directorate supports our elderly and vulnerable adult residents in the Borough.

Illustration of Local Government employees

Social workers and Social care assistants

These roles support vulnerable adults in our Borough who need additional support.

Occupational therapists

An Occupational therapist will assess the needs of our residents and arrange supporting equipment and advice where required.

Reablement officers supporting independent living

The Reablement team will work with you to help you regain strength and confidence in doing the things you used to do. These officers work with individuals offering support to ensure independent living can happen for as long as possible.


These officers formally look at commissioning services such as care homes/personal care or equipment leasing.

Rehab assistants

These officers show patients how to use mobility aids, help patients prepare for treatment (including helping with dressing and undressing) working on exercises with patients. writing reports and updating patients' records.

Place, Neighbourhoods and Open Spaces

This Directorate is responsible for safe streets, planning and building regulations, having adequate waste and recycling facilities, open spaces and facilities for our community and public protection.

Illustration of Local Government employees

Engineers, Highways and Technical support officers, Street technicians

These offices have responsibility for maintaining roads, street lights, parking, pavements and more, in the area.

Planners (including Town Centre Planning) and Legislation enforcement

These officers make decisions on good planning applications, and future needs in the Borough and enforce any unauthorised building works.

Waste and recycling officers

The weekly waste and recycling collections are outsourced to contractors, however, officers in this team will manage the contract and support environmental issues within our Borough.

Public protection support (Environmental health officers)

An Environmental health officer’s role is to protect the health and safety of the general public from any harmful exposures that they may encounter. Their job includes ensuring that people's homes and workplaces are safe, hygienic and healthy.

Horticulture specialists/tree surgeons

These officers keep our parks and open spaces environmentally appealing and safe.

Libraries and culture staff

These staff support the libraries and archive facilities in the Borough, ensuring they offer full support to all our residents with a range of information, books/videos, computer support, activities and events.

Housing officers

Roles will support residents with adequate housing needs and temporary accommodation if necessary.

Building Control officers and Inspectors

These officers inspect current building works in the Borough to ensure legislation is fully met.

Employment and skills support to residents

This team supports residents in the Borough to gain qualifications and find suitable employment opportunities.