What is the Data Hub?

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The Bexley Data Hub is your one-stop-shop for data and information about Bexley and its communities. The Hub brings together a wide range of the most up to date local data and information to give an insight into our borough, giving a current picture of:

  • what Bexley is like as a place to live
  • who our residents are
  • how the Council is serving the needs of our residents

What can I find out from The Hub and how is it useful to me?

The Hub contains data on different categories. Each category contains different headline statistics designed to give an overview of life in Bexley.

The Hub is designed to answer questions like:

  • "My child is starting school – how many primary schools are rated ‘Good' or 'Outstanding' by Ofsted?"
  • "I want to move to London – how expensive is it to rent in Bexley?"
  • "How happy do Bexley residents feel?"

How do I understand the information in The Hub?

  • Data - individual pieces of information
  • Data set - a group of data presented together, usually about the same topic
  • Public data source - a place where data sets are stored and published, i.e. a government website
  • Headline statistics - the analysis and presentation of data to help understand it and to show trends and conclusions
data sources

Where does the data come from?

The data used in each category come from a range of public datasets such as NHS Digital, the Greater London Authority and the Office of National Statistics (and more).

We also provide the links to the public datasets, so if you want to do some more digging, you can. These datasets will give you a more detailed look at some of our statistics, where you can compare Bexley over different years, across different boroughs and across England and Wales.

Is the data up to date?

Whilst the Hub will be updated regularly, some public data sources are not as frequent, but we’ll aim to use the most recent data available.

Is the data up to date?

Can I ask for something specific?

Yes you can

The information we provide on the Hub is designed to be easy to read, accessible and up to date. We want to give you the most relevant ‘headlines’ – what you as a resident or partner would want to know.

However, if you feel there is something missing or there is something you want to find out, email us at StrategyPerformanceandInsight@bexley.gov.uk