Action plan objectives

No WRES Theme and related Metric Local Authority Objective
1 Leadership
(Metric 1 and 9)
Senior leadership roles are representative of the workforce and clients they serve and there is equality of opportunity for progression through to more senior roles
2 Attraction of B.A.M.E. applicants Change the perception of Bexley as a predominately white borough and encourage more B.A.M.E. applicants so that B.A.M.E. workers see Bexley as an employer of choice
3 Recruitment and Retention
(Metric 2 and 8)
Bexley has a fair and equal recruitment and retention policy and process that encourage B.A.M.E. applicants to join the Council and remain with it
4 Learning and Career Development
(Metric 5)
The breakdown of those accessing funded non-mandatory CPD is representative of the workforce as a whole. Access to training that enhances promotion and career progression is fair
5 Culture and Staff experience
(Metric 3, 4, 6 and 7)
B.A.M.E. workers in social care feel that the culture of Bexley is inclusive of all staff. B.A.M.E. workers feel that their managers genuinely care and are supportive of them. They are not subjected to harassment, bullying or abuse