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Established in 2021, we want to be able to help showcase some of the great companies in the London Borough of Bexley.

Helping small businesses grow is important for creating community and helping local people thrive. Here are some of the companies in your local area who have recently become involved in the Curiosity Cabinet. Take a look and head over to their websites to support them with a small business purchase.

Made in Erith shop front

The Businesses

Vintage Vegan at Curiosity Cabinet
Vintage Vegan at Curiosity Cabinet
Vintage Vegan at Curiosity Cabinet

Vintage Vegan Candle Co

Vegan candles and diffusers

I created Vintage Vegan Candle Co in 2020 during the pandemic and after the closure of the theatre and events industry, where I worked as a lighting designer. Along with my partner James, we produce candles and diffusers from home using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. All our items are 100% plastic free, and we source everything from small independent businesses. The candles we create are made from soy wax, meaning they are vegan and cruelty-free. We make the diffusers from a base derived from renewable energy. Our designs are inspired by themes from the past, and each candle and diffuser comes gift-wrapped in a historic newspaper article dating back as far as the 1920s. Through the website, we offer personalised gifting across the candle & diffuser labels, and each purchase plants a tree in Madagascar!

Adam and the Team!

Aroma Body Treats at Curiosity Cabinet
Aroma Body Treats at Curiosity Cabinet
Aroma Body Treats at Curiosity Cabinet

Aroma Body Treats

Bath and body products

Aroma Body Treats creates luxury bath and body products safe for the whole family to use. Each product is carefully designed to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished whilst providing a luxury self-care experience. All products are scented with 100% pure essential oils to give you the full relaxing and calming experience you so rightly deserve. Made with only natural and organic ingredients, each item is carefully packaged in only reusable/recyclable/compostable packaging to be as eco-friendly as possible.

I created Aroma Body Treats from my own life and family experience. My daughter suffered severe eczema when she was born and really struggled to use any store-bought items. When she was old enough for bath bombs, we quickly realised that store-bought ones made her skin condition 10 times worse, and it took weeks to heal from one bath bomb. This is where my journey began, and I set out to create safe products for her to use and not worry about. I finally found what does work for her skin and so many just like her. This is where Aroma Body Treats was born. During the journey, I loved spoiling and treating people, and still very much do. So every product, every package that gets sent out, has the person using them in mind, and ensuring they feel loved.

The Bamboo Wardrobe


This collection of clothing is made from a blend of Bamboo and Cotton and comes directly from Vietnam. From a naturally renewable source this fibre offers a lightweight, crease resistant, soft and anti-static fabric.

Stumbled upon whilst on holiday in Vietnam in 2017 it was a chance meeting that was spookily just what we have been looking for. Further conversations revealed that we were on the same wavelengths regarding the importance of fair working conditions and pay.

And your business!

The Cabinet of Curiosities is currently looking for more local businesses to promote and collaborate with. If you operate in Bexley and would like to see your products promoted in the shopfront and on this website, then please apply using the application form below.

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