Bexleyheath Yule Village

Location: Broadway, Bexleyheath


Christmas, the Northern Lights and Scandinavian delights have come to Bexleyheath.

From the 17 November – 23 December, Bexleyheath will be the only place in London to view the Northern Lights in the unique Yule Village. The Nordic Forest is an interactive experience which will bring the beauty of the Northern Lights to Bexleyheath, setting a magical tone for people coming to visit the Yule Village.

Visitors will walk into an indoor Nordic Forest, complete with trees, sounds and a layer of mist settling on the ground. Looking up, the Northern Lights will be brought to life above their heads. As the forest clears, visitors will be greeted by further festivities to include the Julebord Hall and Festive Family pop-up cinema.

The Yule Village gives the opportunity for visitors to come to Bexleyheath to experience traditional Scandinavian celebrations, using wintry elements to create a destination not to be missed. The Yule Village is FREE TO ENTER and will be open daily until 23 December during retail hours.

attractions also include this year’s Yule Village and North Pole Airways Grotto, which are both open daily with no booking necessary run until 23 and 24 December respectively.

The Christmas lights, events and other activities in the town centre are organised and funded by Bexleyheath businesses.


Time: During retail hours.

Event Date
17 November 2018 11:00–24 December 2018 17:00