Make a pest complaint

The Council does not provide a pest control service. Please contact a private pest control company for the treatment of any pests on your property.

We would recommend using a private company that is a member of the British Pest Control Association or the National Pest Technicians Association.

Can I make a complaint?

You can make a pest complaint if:

  • you are experiencing a pest problem from a neighbouring property which is causing
    • a statutory nuisance
    • a public health issue
    • an attraction of vermin to the area. For example, because of food waste or soft furnishings
  • you live in a rented property and your landlord is failing to carry out treatment
  • you live in a Housing Association property, and they are failing to carry out treatment

We cannot investigate a complaint if you have not informed your landlord or Housing Association first.

And you are being affected by:

  • cockroaches
  • bedbugs
  • fleas
  • rats
  • mice

What we cannot investigate

The council does not have any statutory powers to investigate:

Make a complaint

You can make a complaint by completing the pest control complaints form.

Make a complaint

Overgrown gardens

Overgrown gardens, in most instances, do not cause or constitute a public health nuisance or an environmental health issue.  Although overgrown gardens can be unsightly, they do not pose a threat to public health.  

We will only actively investigate a complaint of an overgrown garden if there is clear evidence that pests are within or being attracted to the overgrown garden. For example,  because of food waste or nesting materials (soft materials, sofas, mattresses, insulation).