45 councillors represent the London Borough of Bexley; each of the Borough’s 17 Wards has two or three councillors.


The Council has a Leader and Cabinet model of governance, the Cabinet consists of the Leader of the Council together with seven other Cabinet Members.

These are currently as follows:

Details of the responsibilities of each of these Cabinet Members can be found on the appendix (PDF, 229KB).

Council Committees and Meetings

Regulatory Committees such as Planning Committee and Licensing Committee take decisions that are legally outside of the remit of the Cabinet.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees hold the Cabinet to account and look into specific topics in order to make recommendations.

The full Council, all 45 Councillors sitting together, take overarching strategic decisions that are outside of the remit of the Cabinet and Regulatory Committees.

Council Constitution

The Council’s Constitution and Code of Corporate Governance sets out in detail how the Council operates.

Get involved

Find out how to get involved in the Council’s decision-making.