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During the pandemic, we created a network of Community Champions to help us communicate and engage with local people about the virus and other important issues that affect their wellbeing.

As we return to normal our community champions are encouraged to work with their neighbours, as well as the Council and the Local Care Partnership (NHS) to carry out any activities that are focused on improving the health and well-being of local people, or their immediate environment or bringing their communities closer together.

By joining our Community Champions scheme you will be able to access support for all sorts of activities, from tackling mental health issues and obesity to dealing with litter and having a say on health and care issues that concern you, to organising street parties.

Our Community Champions are serious about making their local areas cleaner, greener and friendlier. They care about the street or estate they live on, and the people they share it with.

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What will I need to do - and what support will you give me?

Community Champions

Contact information

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We will provide you with:

  • the latest information about key health and well-being issues and support services in Bexley
  • access to training and information sessions on a wide variety of health and wellbeing subjects
  • the most up-to-date information on the things that are most affecting our community and that local people are telling us they care about
  • the latest local news for you to share with others - online, in print, or by discussing it with family, friends and colleagues
  • training and the information you need on key issues via regular webinars
  • advice and guidance on setting up community activities
  • access to Council knowledge and NHS expertise
  • the chance to increase your own knowledge on local subjects

We would like you to tell us what is and is not working - and what support or extra information your community needs.

You can choose to stay in touch with us in the way you would find most helpful. This could be by email, telephone, at our weekly webchat, or by joining our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

We can work together on how best to respond to any concerns, worries or tensions in the community.

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