About the Shared Lives Scheme

Shared Lives is a scheme which links people who need help and support to live in the community, with people who can provide that help and support in the Shared Lives Carer’s own home.

Shared Lives Carers are dedicated and passionate about the support they provide and are the reason why the scheme is such a powerful and effective form of care in our community.

The Shared Lives Carer offers a bedroom and shared living facilities and invites the person to live alongside them and their family.

The Scheme

For those assessed as eligible, Shared Lives provides a long term or short stay, in an ordinary home setting in the community.

Shared Lives Carers share their own home for the time the person is with them. Shared Lives Carers undertake a thorough assessment process in order to be approved as carers. Needs, likes, dislikes and interests are identified so that Shared Lives Carers can be carefully matched.

Short stays can be arranged on a regular or occasional basis.

Getting a Shared Lives stay

People include adults aged 18 and over and care groups such as Learning Disability, Mental Health, Older Persons and Physical Disabilities.

We are registered to work with:

  • people over the age of 18
  • people with a Learning Disability
  • people with Mental Health issues
  • older people
  • people with sensory disabilities
  • people on the Asperger’s/autistic spectrum
  • people with physical disabilities

Staff are always happy to talk to people who are interested in finding out more information about the Shared Lives Scheme either for themselves or for someone else.

The Shared Lives Scheme is a personalised service within a family setting, and we may not always be able to suggest a Shared Lives Carer who has the necessary skills or availability to meet your needs.

Comments from people who live with Shared Lives carers.

I like living with my carers because we do things as a family. I think Shared Lives is fine”

I enjoy living with my carers. It’s better than living on my own. I like what we all do together. Shared Lives is a good idea, it helps people live with families.”

I love living with my carers. I have my own room with Sky TV. We have lovely holidays and we are all involved with activities with our church. The Scheme is good because we have people who look after us but do our own activities as well. Plus, we have support with things we find hard.”

Note: Talk to your Social Worker/Care Manager if you think you are interested in Shared Lives.

Become a Shared Lives Carer

We are looking for carers who can provide a wide range of care, as the people we help, and support have many different needs.

You can come from all walks of life and choose to care for a wide variety of reasons. Formal experience of caring is less important than enthusiasm, motivation and commitment.

We can offer full support, training and access to the network of Shared Lives Carers, so you are not alone.

Shared Lives is regulated and is inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Contact us


Please get in contact with us for further information about becoming a Shared Lives Carer, call 020 3045 4185, email shared-lives@bexley.gov.uk