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Get housing advice

Use this service if:

You need housing advice because you are at risk of losing your accommodation.

We can give you advice about the following:

  • eviction from a privately rented property
  • eviction from living with family or friends
  • eviction from social housing
  • if you are fleeing abuse or violence
  • if you or someone is sleeping rough
  • mortgage arrears or struggling to pay your mortgage

Need help completing forms?

If you have difficulty completing forms, your local Citizens Advice might be able to help you or find somewhere that can.

You might also be able to get help from a local disability or mental health support agency:

You can also appoint a family member or friend to advocate on your behalf by providing us with signed written consent giving them the authority to discuss your case. Please be advised, you will still be legally responsible for all information provided to the Council by a third party who is advocating for you.