Request copies of building control documents

This form is for requesting copies of documents related to a previous Building Control application.


  • There is an initial non-refundable charge of £17 for searching the application system, which includes one document copy if found. Additional copies cost £17 per document.
  • An additional non-refundable charge of £88 applies for searching the historic archive, covering up to two document copies. Additional copies cost £17 each. You will be informed if further charges are required before the search.

Before you start:

  • Documents will only be released to the original applicant for the works or with the express permission of the original applicant in writing.
  • Documents covered by copyright (e.g., building plans) will require the copyright holder's written permission.
  • Documents will be provided within 10 working days of receiving a valid request and the appropriate payment.
  • Documents will only be provided electronically.
  • This service is only for the provision of documents that have already been formally submitted or issued, for documents associated with a live application please contact
  • If you require documentation relevant to a planning application please do not use this form, but go to View and comment on planning applications.