Get clinical waste collected

We cannot collect clinical waste with your regular collections, but we do provide a free, separate collection service for both bagged clinical waste and sharps.

Sharps collections

Use this service to arrange collections of:

  • syringe needles
  • vials
  • any other contaminated disposable sharp item

Sharps boxes are collected on request. New containers will be delivered two at a time. When one is full, and one is almost full, please request a collection, and we will then replace them with two empty containers. 

There are two sizes of sharps containers - 0.6 litres and 4 litres.

Request a sharps box delivery or collection

Orange bag collections

Use this service to arrange a weekly collection of:

  • contaminated dressings
  • swabs
  • catheters
  • dialysis waste

Incontinence pads and stoma bags should normally be doubled-bagged and put into your green wheelie bin unless there are other medical concerns. Stoma bags should be emptied into the toilet first.

Clinical waste bags will be collected weekly on a set day, and we will provide a reusable box to store your bags in before being collected.

When requesting a clinical waste collection, you'll need a letter signed by your GP, hospital or district nurse first (PDF).

Once a request is made, you will be contacted to tell you which days your bags will be collected, and your bags and box will be delivered.

Request or cancel a weekly clinical waste collection

Disposal of other items

These items can be thrown in your bin (double bagged):

  • incontinence pads
  • sanitary protection
  • nappies

Reusable nappies

Washable nappies are easy to use, soft on the skin and don’t contain absorbent gels, and they are cheaper than disposable ones. You can make even more savings by buying reusable nappies second-hand or using nappies on subsequent children.

If you have a child under the age of 18 months, you can get a £50 voucher to use washable nappies. You can use the voucher to buy nappies from participating businesses.