Introduction to the vision

We believe that adults with care and support needs should have the best opportunity to lead healthy, fulfilled and independent lives. We are committed to ensuring that residents using Adult Social Care services can have local, personalised care and have the choice and control over how their needs are met.

Our Adult Social Care Vision will continue to enable residents to live the life they want. Residents with lived experience are best placed to decide what is right for them and this information will support them to live the life they want to lead. Each priority in our Vision is accompanied by ‘we will’ statements. These statements clarify what service our residents can expect to receive and the goals we are working towards.

We want to support people to live healthy, active and independent lives for as long as possible and to be able to do the things that matter to them. We are committed to making the best use of available resources whilst keeping people in Bexley safe and as independent as possible.

Councillor Melvin Seymour, Cabinet Members for Adult Services

Councillor Melvin Seymour - Cabinet Member for Adults' Services & Health

Every day, remarkable efforts are underway within our Adult Social Care Services. However, it remains crucial for us to establish a forward-looking vision and strategy, recognising the changes in society.

Our priority is to consistently place those in need of support at the forefront of our initiatives which will enable people to live the life they want to live.

This requires a shift in our operational and commissioning methods. Our Vision sets out how we plan on prioritising outcomes by listening to individuals' aspirations, understanding their lifestyle preferences and working towards engaging with communities in a new way.

By listening and communicating with our residents we will have a greater understanding of what we are doing well and how we need to improve and develop.

Yolanda Dennehy, Director of Adult Social Care and Health

Yolanda Dennehy, Director of Adult Social Care and Health