Our Disclosure Log

Our Disclosure Log is where we publish responses to the wide range of information requests we have received in the last three years. We try to publish all our responses and we update the log every day.

Before you request information from us:

  1. check our Disclosure Log as we may have already published the information you are looking for
  2. filter your search by keyword and date to locate similar enquiries.

Please note the information contained in our Disclosure Log was correct at the time we responded but due to the passage of time, this may no longer be the case. We also remove responses from the log after three years.

As we receive a lot of enquiries about the same topics, we have made the information publicly available. If you are looking for information about the following areas, you may find it by clicking one of the links below:

If you have been unable to access the information you require by taking the steps above, you can submit a new request for information.